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Arcturus was founded in 2017 by Alexander Loh and since then, the team has grown and expanded to 4 members strong, all sharing the same vision, determination and passion to put Singapore on the horological map.


Our first sold-out launch, the Lion City 1, till today, graces the wrists of our collectors around the world and it is the shared vision of the Arcturus team that birthed the Arcturus Promise, that “No Arcturus timepiece will ever go uncared for”.


All our timepieces go through vigorous testing and regulation before being sent out to our customers. In the event of defects, the Arcturus International Guarantee ensures that our customers watches are taken care of and restored to working condition. Even after the guarantee period has ended, Arcturus will continue to provide support on all repair requests in line with the Arcturus International Guarantee.


All LC-2 Vanda Tourbillons will ship with 2 years Arcturus International Guarantee. Subsequently, Arcturus will cover 50% of all maintenance and repair costs for the next 10 years. We do not take you for granted. We do not take our timepieces for granted. This is the Arcturus Promise.

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